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Student’s Memory NLP Workshop

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Student’s Memory NLP Workshop

This is a 6 hours program set for students, where students will learn how to:

  • Memorize 100 digit number given by the audience
  • Memorize up to 80 chunks of words given by the audience
  • Memorize the whole Periodic table to show your memory skills
  • Memorize 300 years calendar (more than 109500 day and their dates)
  • Memorize the contents of the free seminars for students, teachers and parents
  • And much more…….

This part has another two parts:

(a) Memory retention exercises
(b) NLP SubConscious ReImprinting Exercises

(a) Memory retention exercises

This part will include various memory techniques to memorize a number of things in single go. You will make students memorize in one-go the contents like; vocabulary, GK, Periodic Table, Chemical Equations, Formulae, Table, Flow Charts, Points of a Paragraph, Maps, Spellings, Long Paragraphs etc.

(b) NLP SubConscious ReImprinting Exercises

In this part, students undergo a number of NLP SubConscious ReImprinting exercises. These exercises will include;

  • Getting rid of past painful memories of any event or failure
  • Eliminating mind patterns of any type of fear or phobia of any subject or exam
  • Building subconscious patterns of confidence for any subject, exam, interview or public speaking
  • Creating subconscious triggers of success in studies
  • Building a bright future full of wonderful goals
  • Solving the problem of ‘dyslexia’ and learning disability
  • Creating good behavior
  • Developing the Subconscious senses like Visual sense, Auditory sense & Kinesthetic sense
  • Building stronger self-image
  • Handling any personal issue

Note: This part of NLP Sub Conscious Re-Imprinting is most needed for students in the present scenario. Today students are highly stressed and scared too. They are living in uncertainty and experiencing a number of mental and emotional issues. Parents, teachers and school authorities have already recognized this challenge. They don’t have any solution. But NOW you have.
In this program you will be taught a number of NLP Sub Conscious Re-Imprinting techniques that will change the lives of students completely.

What You will Get:

  1. Reading material with exercises
  2. Future support
  3. Customized course contents for three workshops
  4. Student Memory Workshop
  5. Parenting workshop ( OPTIONAL)

NOTE: Parents can also register for

  1. Personal counseling for students
  2. Personal counseling for parenting