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Self Alignment Program

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Self Alignment

When the different levels of thinking are in congruence with each other, the person is experiencing a meaningful life. Neuro-linguistic Programming terms this as alignment. Alignment occurs when every part of the person is heading in the same direction. On the contrary, when inner misalignment occurs, there is an inner conflict between various levels of the mind. In order to bring about a lasting personal change, these different levels must be brought in harmony with each other.

Self-alignment or Neuro -logical Programming deals with bringing about personal change. This change is not just in outward behavior, but our underlying aspects as well. The change can be in our values, beliefs and unconscious parts of the self that we might not be consciously aware of. Our inner representations determine our behavior and affect us at several different levels. An actual change can only occur after the change is conceived and imagined in the person’s mind.

The neurological level model can be used to identify problems at personal or organizational level and elucidate them. The level at which the problem exists and needs change, can then be found can be identify with this system.

The neurological levels can be used by organizations/ individual to bring about positive changes and achieving significant goals. Some organizations/ individuals seem to live in a lie, by stating a certain mission or belief, although their actions speak otherwise. Such organizations/ individual are bound to fail, since their neurological levels are not in congruence with each other. These organizations/ individual become the playground for cynicism, hostility, fraud, frustration and resentment. On the other hand, organizations individual that have their neurological levels aligned with each other breed excellence. The organization/ individual and its entire staff share the same set of beliefs and values, and move together in the same direction.

In today’s fast paced life, the three basic essentials of any working professional are always challenged: and these are physical, mental and financial well-being. Due to imbalance of these essentials, the person’s productivity suffers, dissatisfaction creeps in and in long run the human mind gets affected……….AND IT BECOMES A HUGE CONCERN FOR THE ORGANIZATION AS WELL AS FOR THE PERSON

“SELF ALIGNMENT”, our inspiring one day program provides you concrete solutions and easy self-help techniques, which you can easily follow to make a change towards your physical fitness, mental well-being and financial stability.

What You Get From The Workshop:

  1. Helping you to become the architect of your own life
  2. Program yourself to become healthier, happier and richer
  3. Learn the secrets to be successful in every aspect of life.
  4. Improve your relationship with the power of love
  5. Learn to meditate to remove energy blocks