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Know Best 5 Practices to Transform Your Habits into Success

Moving easily without any power or direction doesn’t result in achieving great things in life. Great people or I would say successful people make themselves great as they know how to spend their time and attention.

So let me share few ideas which will push you to next level.

01. Clean up clutter and Say no to multi-tasking

One of the ways to success is cleaning-up clutter, in your personal and professional life…this includes your email garbage, Whatsapp messages too. Answering to mails or messages gives our brain a quick rush of dopamine which prevents us from falling into deep thinking and flow required to achieve our goals.

You can see that once you follow this act, you will free-up valuable mental space and can release yourself from tasks that are either not important or should be handled by someone else. Once you have done this organize and delegate things, your will help yourself to enrich your life and also to focus your mind on what is most important to you.

02. Always value people and keep in touch

We all are resourceful beings. Our professional and personal network and net worth will grow only when you start meeting people and understanding them.

You never know what resources and contacts you will need in the future, so broaden your network and have a good time to know the people interested in your profession. Take out time to keep in touch with people because we tend to significantly underestimate the value of those relationships and miss them out.

Developing relationship improves your personal as well as your professional life and leads to fulfilling success.

03. Be your authentic self and always set clear expectations

It helps when you are honest, transparent and trustworthy. People around you as also get to know that you are deep in your values and start believing and respecting one within you. It’s in this unique relationship when the best deals happen.

04. Yoga, meditation and good night sleep

The wonder of success is when you enjoy it!!! And that can come when you have a healthy body and mind which comes through yoga, meditation and good night sleep. Yoga centers prepare for the day ahead. Burning midnight oil is never sustainable as it will not only burn you faster but you will not be able to make right decisions because your brain doesn’t work properly due to lack of oxygen.

05. Respect and create time and learn from experiences.

Never quit or make excuses as to why something isn’t successful. Instead quickly assess your situation, address the problem and move on your newly successful path. Time is one commodity which no one has enough. But yes we can create it if we start our day early.

Think how much time would you get if you wake up at 5 am?? When the rest of the world is sleeping, you have already finished with half of your day!!!!!

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