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What are the factors that achievers follow to get the best outcomes in life?

We all have a vision for the quality life that we should lead or have. Yet, very few of us have accomplished this vision. History shows that there are very few people who make this conscious choice to grow and work on themselves instead of blaming other people and situations. […]


Know Best 5 Practices to Transform Your Habits into Success

Moving easily without any power or direction doesn’t result in achieving great things in life. Great people or I would say successful people make themselves great as they know how to spend their time and attention. So let me share few ideas which will push you to next level. 01. […]


Rules to Adopt in 2019 to Drive towards Best in Life

I am fortunate to have a good fortune of teaching as a guest lecturer or speaker at some of the good schools in India. I always tend to ask from students, what is the key to my success in life? As I sometime still wonder and I am still figuring […]